Episode 35

Threat Intelligence - Advanced Skill or Industry Standard? | Chris Story

Is threat intelligence the only language that physical protection and cyber security can use to effectively communicate the how, the why and the where? Do the cyber and physical realms even have any reason to communicate other than to exchange threat Intel?

This week, we're going to be talking with Risk intelligence expert and trainer, Chris Story, familiar to many as the co-host of the Conversations in Close Protection Podcast. Chris has a military intelligence background and currently serves on the board of the IPSB. 

In this revealing interview, we ask Chris…

  • Where does his passion for threat intelligence come from?
  • Because threat intelligence isn’t considered a ‘sexy’ training subject, it often gets overlooked. How do we change the perception and get industry-wide buy-in on this subject?
  • Where should threat intelligence live and where should it be housed to be effective and relevant?  
  • Should everyone sign-up for basic threat Intel training as if they were in the military?

Tune in to episode 35 for this and much more on how threat intelligence can increase your capability as a protector. As Chris reminds us…

“If you look at the risk and threat intelligence to understand what can hurt you beyond the 15 yards that you're responsible for then it makes your job abundantly easier.”

More about Chris

Chris Story is a security professional with over 25 years of experience managing, conducting, and consulting in protective and intelligence operations worldwide. Spending over a decade in the US Army, Chris served as a Counterintelligence Agent and Special Operations.


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