Episode 29

The Underestimated Threat of Fixated Individuals | Philip Grindell

Much of the hostility and threats posed by fixated people falls outside of criminal legislation and yet still cause fear, anxiety and uncertainty and damage business and personal reputations. This is where our guest, Philip Grindell, CEO of Defuse Global comes in. Philip has been one of the UK’s most trusted leaders and advisors when it comes to fixated persons and national security issues. After the murder of Jo Cox MP in 2016, Philip Grindell was personally brought into Parliament to protect other politicians and prevent similar events from happening. Now he brings the same level of intelligence to high-profile individuals and organisations who are dealing with abuse, threats, or high-risk situations from fixated individuals as the CEO of Defuse Global.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Philip share his wide-ranging expertise on the subject, including:

  • What are the types of threats posed by fixated individuals?
  • How can executive protection specialists ensure they have the knowledge and skills to adequately deal with a threat situation involving a fixated individual? 
  • Where and how can the EP plug gaps in their knowledge in this area?
  • How can a small EP team with relatively little resources prepare themselves for this threat scenario and situation?
  • Predictions for how the personal protection or corporate protection world is going to expand in the future.

Philip reminds all EPs of the importance of being prepared because…

“The fixated individual poses a greater risk of death and serious harm than terrorists and criminals. So, if you are an EP, that means that you are between them and the target, which means they have no issue whatsoever of harming you to get to that target.”

More about Philip:

Philip is a former Scotland Yard Detective with an MSc in Security Management, who was brought in following the murder of Jo Cox MP to stop any further attacks. In his current role as the CEO of Defuse Global, Philip works with UHNW clients to identify threats and vulnerabilities and provides actionable advice to inform and aid decision making, including supporting clients who wish to engage with social media platforms and or resolve issues via other avenues. Philip has been commended for his work in the UK Parliament and is privileged to have worked with some of the most high-profile figures who entrust him with their safety, secrets & reputations. He is passionate about fairness, justice & tackling hate & delivering solutions to counter online abuse. 


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philip-grindell-fixatedthreatspecialists/

Defuse Global: https://www.defuseglobal.com/

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