Episode 31

Operating in West Africa – Etiquette & Threat Landscape | Hilda Dafe Nwachukwu

Operating in unknown territory is second nature to most close protection operatives. Even still, planning and preparation will make the journey into the unknown much more secure than it would otherwise be.  

On this episode of the podcast, we are speaking with Hilda Dafe Nwachukwu, a Global Crisis Response Manager to discuss how operators can go about mastering etiquette and better understand the threat landscape when operating in West Africa. 

Tune in as we chat about:

  • What the uninitiated need to know about operating in West Africa?
  • What international security operators and professionals should do to prepare for a trip to the region?
  • What should people be aware of when it comes to local etiquette and customs when planning for a trip to West Africa?
  • What are some of the current challenges operators would face in global and corporate security in the region?
  • What is the best advice for anyone looking to get a job within corporate security in West Africa?

One of the biggest takeaways Hilda gives us on this episode is:

“If you do not have the right training or the right network, and you don't understand the environment, you're set up to fail.”


More about Hilda Dafe Nwachukwu: 

Hilda’s career spans 14 years in security management in both public and corporate security environments. She started her career in Nigeria’s intelligence agency; the Department of State Services (DSS) where she worked until she joined Cummins in 2017, as a security manager, West Africa. While at Cummins, Hilda has led several projects, including the design and implementation of the security architecture for CWAL’s 2019 $35million flagship facility in Lagos. She also led the deployment of CWAL’s Customer Service Excellence (CSE) project and is now Global Crisis Response Manager at Cummins.

Holding both a master’s degree in crime management and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, Hilda has also earned several certifications from the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  Namely, she is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Certified Investigator (PCI) and a Physical Security Professional (PSP). Hilda is happily married to Victor Nwachukwu, and they have two sons, Tobenna (9 years old) and Jaachim (6 years old). In her leisure time, she loves to read, swim and most definitely movie binge. 


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