Episode 7

Altruism and Protection | Denida and Chris Grow

Learn how altruism and protection are connected and the benefits of giving back as a protector. Discover strategies for social responsibility and philanthropic giving on this week's podcast episode.

Protection is fundamentally connected with altruism and giving back, whether protecting a small child or an executive. We are looking forward to supporting the March 18 and 19 Bodyguards for Kids forum in aid of St Jude’s Hospital for Children but we are also pleased to speak with the event founders, Chris and Denida Grow, about the wider implications of giving back as a protector:

About Nannyguards:

At Nannyguards, our mission is to provide the highest quality education and security training to nannies and mannies. We strive to create a supportive, safe learning environment fostering growth and development. We believe that the work of nannies is incredibly important and have designed our courses to give caregivers the knowledge and confidence they need to provide the best care for the children in their charge.

About Bodyguards for Kids:

Bodyguards for Kids and it's a combination of a virtual networking and educational fundraising event where 100% of the donations and event fees go to the children of St. Jude's Hospital. It takes place on March 18/19th 2023, and if you'd like to attend or donate, click below:


Bodyguards for Kids

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